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     Two things to update about: First off, have you seen the Dolce and Gabanna  Spring 2006 collection?  Oh my goodness it is amazing!  I wish I could get some of that stuff.  I was gonna give y'all the link but it seems to not be up on vogue.com yet which is odd.  AHA!  I found it.  I'm in love with the pink, black, and white LACE! <3  I have also found a newfound fondness for Tatiana O.  Isabeli Fontana is becoming a favorite too.  I tend to like the models with the fuller faces.  What about y'all?  Go look! 

     Christian Lacroix's collection disappointed me though.  The fabrics were more ugly than couture or pretty.  There were only a few things that I liked compared to the many that I either laughed/cried at.  I'm also beginning to dislike Lily Cole too.  Her head is too small for her body or something...maybe 'cuz I haven't seen her smile a whole lot. 

     Also, Why is it that I'm seeing orange Hermès dresses everywhere?  I've seen the same one 3 times and now there's another one in Vogue.  They're everywhere!

     Last but not least for all you photoshop dorks like me out there.  If you have an IPod go to the Podcasts sections of Itunes and look for PhotoshopTV, it's free and offers tips on lots of different stuff.

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